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Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Update

With the cancellation of this year's Dan's 3-Putt, we will definitely miss those awesome opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new ones during our in-person event.  However, the important work of the Literacy Network remains in place, and for those who are able, please consider using any of our Donate buttons on our website to continue your support of their important work of improving both childhood and adult literacy in our community.

We'll see you next year at Dan's 3-Putt for Literacy 6.0 back at Clough Crossings !!!    As always, thanks for your support and if you're in the neighborhood, stop in at Clough Crossings for some "Great Food and Potable Spirits with Historic Charm" as they work through their reopening process.  Always support your local small business establishments!

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